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CVN Wire Rope Preservation Kit DeNOVUS™
(P/N: 06056LP02)

The DeNOVUS™ CVN Wire Rope Preservation Kit (P/N: 06056LP02) includes E-1270EPL and DPS-602 protective wrap.

This DeNOVUS™ system has dramatically improved the service life of the deck edge elevator cables, has
reduced maintenance costs, and has improved the reliability of the deck edge elevator.

Bill of Materials

Part # Description Qty.
06050LP02 DeNOVUS™ DPS-602 Wrap sheet 7-in x 36-in x 2mm 44
06051LP02 DeNOVUS™ DPS-602 (poly back) Wrap sheet 7-in x 6-in x 2mm
06052LP02 DeNOVUS™ DPS-602 Wrap trapezoidal sheet 18-in x 5-in x 8-in x 2mm 22
96001301 E-1270EPL Grease; 5 gallon container 2
96001700 Elisha® Cleaner; case of six 16-oz spray bottles 2
06053LP02 Hose Clamps; 316 L stainless steel; 1.5-in 20
06054LP02 Black UV Resistant Stretch Film; 2-in x 650-ft; spool 15
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