DPS 602 Sealant

DeNOVUS™ DPS 602 Sealant is a premium grade, black, non-drying, non-hardening, non-conductive, permanently tacky, complex poly isobutylene/ isoprene elastomer based sealing compound. It is designed to seal metal, glass, masonry, plastic and wood where air, dust, and water damage protection is important. DPS 602 Sealant can be supplied with or without a black film that resists UV light, thus adding protection from environmental exposure.

DPS 602 Sealant has excellent physical and aging characteristics. It has very good adhesion to most industrial surfaces at temperatures from -30° F to 220° F. It retains its elastic properties at high and low temperatures. It does not dry out, crack, shrink, or lose adhesion on aging.

DPS 602 Sealant can be extruded into ribbons, sheets, and beads of various sizes. It can be supplied in roll or pre-cut lengths.