E-1270EPL is a non-toxic, environmentally preferred synthetic oil lubricant, which offers outstanding protection for bright wire rope and strand.

E-1270EPL has excellent lubrication properties, high dropping point, excellent corrosion resistance and outstanding water wash out resistance.

E-1270EPL utilizes a unique mineralization technology. The special compounded ingredients in E-1270EPL replace the corrosion process with a mineral formation that forms mineral barrier approximately 50 angstroms deep into the surface of the metal. The non-drying, pliable feature of the unique formulations repels water and provides healing to any subsequent breach of the mineral barrier.

Conforms to Mil-G-18458B for wire rope lubricant.

See Toxicity Testing Results for E-1270EPL here.

See the E-1270EPL Product Data Sheet here.

See the E-1270EPL Safety Data Sheet here.

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