Gels and Lubricants

E-1270EPL – Non-toxic, environmentally preferred synthetic oil lubricant. For low rpm assemblies, moving mechanical parts, bright wire rope, and strand.

E-2000 – Non-toxic, non-drying coating. Ideal for crevice corrosion, fasteners, and fretting joints. High water washout resistance. For applications up to 220ºF.

Elisha® Cleaner

Elisha Cleaner is a low V.O.C., fast-acting, readily biodegradable cleaner that lifts heavy grease, oil, synthetic oil, and preservatives. Cleans accumulated cutting fluids and petroleum residues. Developed to remove and clean up the Elisha E-products. Biodegradable, non-petroleum, high flash point, low V.O.C., maximum strength formulation is ready-to-use. Clean up any residue with soap and water.

See the Elisha Cleaner Product Data Sheet here.

See the Elisha Cleaner Safety Data Sheet here.