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DeNOVUS LLC was established in July, 1996.  DeNOVUS® manufacturers and supplies quality products to the marine markets as well as industrial manufacturers.  We have a long history of innovation in anti-corrosion systems and are proud of our problem solving abilities.

In 1997 the US Navy began testing E-2000 to fill the internal cavities of the anchor chain detachable links to protect the internal surface and tapered locking pin.  Anchor chain detachable links are used in marine applications where disassembly of lengths of chain is necessary.  Corrosion of the interior of the detachable links is a problem because it causes longer disassembly time or requires destruction of the link.  E-2000 prevents corrosion from occurring and stops existing corrosion from advancing.  It requires minimal surface preparation.  E-2000 was selected to replace the legacy preservatives which have proven to be ineffective or are lead-containing (toxic).  The E-2000 is unique and works in three basic ways:

  • Barrier system – The specially formulated products have great adhesion characteristics and are hydrophobic to help keep moisture away from the substrate.
  • Mineralization – The process of growing very thin mineral layers on metal surfaces.  The minerals are formed when reactants are delivered to the surface of a metal via novel modifications of known base formulations (e.g., gel, grease, and aqueous suspension).  Substrates contribute donor ions to react and/or interact with delivered reactants, forming a very thin layer of mineral that is chemically bonded to the surface of the substrate and has been measured to be only a few monolayers thick.  In many applications, lattice-forming oxides anchor to this surface adhesion layer and polymerize into a three-dimensional inorganic framework structure until the final coating thickness is 50-200 angstroms (a piece of paper is 1,000,000 angstroms thick), which creates a surface that resists corrosion even if moisture gets to it. 
  • Buffering system – If moisture migrates through the gel, it is buffered to an elevated pH which is alkaline enough not to corrode metal.

In 1999, the Navy issued MACHALT 525 (Machinery Alteration), which changed the design of the internals of weather deck watertight and airtight door dogging mechanisms to a new design.  The basis of that design is the use of E-1270EPL inside the spindle sleeve in the doorframe to stop the corrosion that had been the cause of dogging mechanism failure.  The E-1270EPL combined with noted design changes dramatically improved the cyclic corrosion performance of the watertight door dog latch.  The watertight door dogging mechanism corrosion problem was one of the top maintenance issues for the fleet.  In May 2002 a second specification, MACHALT 544, was approved to apply the same technology to ballistic type dogs in three watertight doors in DDG-51 Class ships.  The solution represented a significant cost savings for the fleet.

In 2001 the Navy began specifying the DeNOVUS wire rope preservation system since on CVN and LHD deck edge elevator wire rope hitch points.  The Deck Edge Elevator Preservation Kit includes E-1270EPL (wire rope lubricant) and DPS 602 (protective wrap).  This system has dramatically improved the service life of the deck edge elevator cables resulting in significant material cost savings, has reduced maintenance costs, and has improved the reliability of the deck edge elevator.

DeNOVUS® prides itself on being recognized as a supplier of robust proprietary products backed by responsive service with innovative solutions. This is accomplished by a qualified, skilled team of Research & Development, Sales, and Engineering staff.  Our goal is to develop and manufacture a wide variety of materials to meet your need

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